Saturday Afternoon Family Entertaiment

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Date(s) - 02/17/2018
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Thornton Wilder Hall
2901 Dixwell Ave


Tags: All ages

Presented by Hamden Arts Commission  & the Department of Arts and Culture. Doors open around 12:30 and tickets will be available at the door only, cash only – $2 children, $3 Adults.

Oct. 21 – ArtFarm’s Little Apple Circus – Isaac Newton’s Little Apple Circus introduces Newton’s fundamental Laws of Motion — the foundation of Classical Mechanics — as well as the discoveries of Galileo which preceded them. Concepts introduced and explored in this fun and interactive experience include inertia, gravity, force, mass, energy, static and kinetic friction, velocity, gyroscopic stability and centripetal force. This feast of polysyllabic concepts will, however, leave not even the most restless young person bored or confused, but the hands-on spectacle of circus arts and comic acting will excite every participant to learn more about the forces in our universe that effect “everything from the flight of juggling balls to the movement of planets.

Nov. 18  – Surcari – Music with a Latin Beat – SURCARI (a combination of two words: “Suramérica” and “Caribbean”) is a performance group originally from Chile and Puerto Rico under the musical direction of guitarist Lorena Garay. The versatile members of Surcari perform a blend of traditional and original Latin American music on a wide variety of native instruments. Their colorful performances engage audiences of all ages as they are introduced to irresistible instrumental and vocal music from different Spanish-speaking cultures. A multicultural experience not to be missed!

Dec. 2 – Wayne Martin Puppets: MARTIN’S MAGICAL MUSICAL REVUE  – Wayne Martin uses parody, mime, dance, mask and musical theatre in presenting his various styles of puppetry. Full of comedy and pathos, vignettes of human emotions and fantasy set against a backdrop of dramatic lighting and theatrical effects, this act is designed to have no age or language barrier. Please Note: This performance begins at 2:30PM!

Jan. 20 – Drum based band Mikata – Mikata means “all of us” in the Ewe language of Ghana! Everyone is invited to participate on a musical journey performance from West Africa to the Caribbean and Brazil. Mikata will make your pulse quicken as they chant, clap and dance to powerful rhythms from Ghana, Nigeria, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Brazil.

Feb. 17 – Chinese Acrobat Li Liu  – Li’s performance includes hand balancing, plate spinning, trick cycling, foot juggling, ribbon dancing and Chinese water bowl manipulation. Li also touches on various aspects of Chinese language, geography and culture.

Mar. 17 – Tanglewood MarionettesThe Fairy Circus – Featuring over twenty beautifully hand-crafted marionettes, The Fairy Circus is a showcase for turn-of-the-century-style trick puppetry. The puppets will dance, play instruments, juggle, contort, transform, and fly through the air with the greatest of ease, all to the best-loved music of favorite composers. This title is perfect for younger children and family audiences.

Saturday Afternoon Family Entertaiment